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Gamble your own Kimble!

Writer's Block: The Fifth Dimension

If you could enter any fictional realm, which would it be?
Harry Potter, of course! Who wouldn't? I wish I can go to Hogwarts, get sorted into the house, use magic, meet magical creatures, stand in front of Mirror of Erised, play Quidditch, making potion, read magical talking book, pissing of Professor Snape, and more!


I'm not dead yet. I've been planning to play and update the Kimbles for about a month and a half, but somehow I can't find that one piece of CC that keep crashing my game. *is annoyed*

Well, at least I have reason to properly organized my CC now, keeping only what I need. I do have picture enough for one update, but I have no motivation to crop and edit them (damn broken-CC is distracting me). *le sigh*

And also, to be honest, I'm currently is being struck with an obsession to read every Harry Potter fanfic *cough* especiallydramione *cough* available in fanfiction.net. So far, I've read 100+ multi-chap fic, and I have no regret whatsoever. *grin*

Anyway, until I solve that crashing thingy, I won't be updating. I miss the Kimbles, really.

Short Hiatus?

I am participating in GoS Secret Santa this year, so I'll be focusing on making gift for my Santee. Until then the update for the Kimble won't be posted once a week anymore. The next update will be up in a few days, the only things left to do is to crop and edit picture. But for the future update after that, I can't tell you when.

But don't worry, after I done making gift for my Santee, I'll be posting update once a week again.

Kimble Legacy College Part 1

Kimble Legacy 2.6

Decorating is so much fun!

I spent a lot of time building house and dorm for my Kimble (why yes, the kids already in Uni now) and decorating it. Picking up certain combination of CC is really challenging, but I had a lot of fun. I used to think that I will never need all this decoration stuff in my game, because I hardly touch them plus the fact that I'm too lazy to even bring up the cheat bar to type the "moveobjects" and "snapobjectstogrid" cheat. But now, I can't play my game without them. House without decoration looks so sad and lonely.

On a side note, I'll update my legacy once a week, probably in the weekend.

P.s: I also plan on making a short story based on sims 2, though I don't know how long it will take me to finish it since I haven't even build the needed house and community lot for the story yet. But I already created the "actors" and prepare a script (though it's only still a draft). Wish me luck!

P.s again: Don't worry, I won't abandon the Kimble. I love them way too much already.

Kimble Legacy 2.5

About Kimble's Update!

I am in the process of reorganizing my download folder, so there won't be any update for the Kimble till next week. Right now I just finished organizing bodyshop contents, and that alone was 2.48 gb! And I'm sure my build/buy mode stuff is even bigger. The last time I checked my whole download folder, it was a freaking 8 gb. Tch tch. I'll bet this time it will be even more bigger as I just downloaded many, many pretty objects and clutters from many, many sims sites. Yes, it's really THAT MANY!

Kimble Legacy 2.4

99 jpgs under the cut.

More rage and fail!Collapse )