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I'm not dead yet. I've been planning to play and update the Kimbles for about a month and a half, but somehow I can't find that one piece of CC that keep crashing my game. *is annoyed*

Well, at least I have reason to properly organized my CC now, keeping only what I need. I do have picture enough for one update, but I have no motivation to crop and edit them (damn broken-CC is distracting me). *le sigh*

And also, to be honest, I'm currently is being struck with an obsession to read every Harry Potter fanfic *cough* especiallydramione *cough* available in fanfiction.net. So far, I've read 100+ multi-chap fic, and I have no regret whatsoever. *grin*

Anyway, until I solve that crashing thingy, I won't be updating. I miss the Kimbles, really.