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Kimble Legacy 2.3

Kimble Legacy 2.2

93 jpgs under the cut.

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Just a little clarification ...

Well, reading through comment at simsecret, I found out that there are people who get offended with the sentence I wrote in my legacy. By the way, I've already edited it.

But it still troubles me because eventhough I edited the "you're lesbian but you still gonna marry a man" part, I can't change everything that has happen in my game because she did marry a man.

I could stop writing this legacy and start a new one, but since I've already play this legacy so much already, I'll keep writing it.

As a clarification, I checked Rosalind's gender preferences in my game, and it turns out that she's actually a bi. So there's no problem in her marrying Hudson, right?

Again, I'm so sorry for anyone that feel offended with that sentence. I really didn't mean to insult anyone.

Kimble Legacy 2.1

96 jpgs under the cut.

Warning: Not very funny aka a boring update and lots of kids' spam.

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Kimble Legacy 2.0

A spice of life? Not really ...

I've prepared the generation 2 update for the Kimble, but since I am so attached to my usual source of entertainment (my weekly shounen, youtube, CC downloading spree and so on), the update may not come any sooner, but I'll make sure to post it before next week.

Gah! I need inspiration!

Kimble Legacy 1.5

72 jpgs under the cut.
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Kimble Legacy 1.4

115 jpgs under the cut.

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Kimble Legacy 1.3

128 jpgs under the cut

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Kimble Legacy 1.2

123 jpgs under the cut!
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